About Us

We are the membership network bringing together people and organisations from the South West who are working towards the SDGs.

We are a not-for-profit network set up in 2005 to support the ‘international development’ sector in the South West.

Our vision is of a thriving, dynamic and diverse network of organisations and individuals in the South West of the UK who effectively contribute to the global delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals are ambitious and will take a movement of reformers to achieve them. We are passionate about resourcing that movement. We know we can accomplish far more when we work together.

We bring together diverse perspectives, resources and expertise locally to tackle complex issues globally. We exist to increase the impact of work being done across the South West to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We do this in a number of different ways.

We connect people and ideas for innovative partnerships.

We believe in generous collaboration and equal partnerships to maximise resources, share learning and improve impact.

Across the South West, we are:

  • Connecting people and ideas around shared goals, common themes, capacities and challenges
  • Linking researchers with practitioners for evidence-based interventions
  • Amplifying the impact of South West individuals and organisations in their work to achieve the SDGs
  • Hosting the biggest list of ‘international development’ jobs in the South West
  • Sharing sector news, signposting toolkits and resources to encourage growth and learning

SWIDN is a vibrant and active network which offers small, medium and larger NGOs working in International Development across the South West, a way of coming together to tackle the biggest issue affecting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.”

Tom Skirrow, CEO of Treeaid (SWIDN Member)

We provide training and learning opportunities to improve practice.

We believe in the importance of continuous learning, the courage to try new ways of working, and the power of self-reflection.

  • Delivering affordable, convenient professional development training online and in-person in the SW
  • Hosting working groups to share best practice, build solidarity and support learning
  • Sharing resources to support growth, self-reflection and meaningful change
  • Linking you with external consultants and trainers to support your organisational development

‘I find SWIDN invaluable. I attend the activities as part of my professional development.’

SWIDN Organisational Member

We resource transformative change in our sector.

We are committed to seeing change in our work and through our work.

We recognise the origins of the ‘international development’ sector are in the unequal power structures of colonialism, rooted in historical harmful attitudes and practices, including racism. We continue to see the legacy of this harm across many ways of working in the ‘Aid’ sector today. SWIDN are committed to facilitating the transformation of our sector, working to achieve organisational change and support individual reflection, believing in better ways to achieve human rights for all.

“I think SWIDN is really punching above its weight – creating dialogue and discussion about global issues and ensuring people practicing in development do so with self-reflection and a broad view. I’ve got no doubt that the work you’re doing will have resulted in improved practices, which will have a positive impact on lives across the world. You’re doing brilliant things and I’m really grateful to be part of this amazing network.”

SWIDN Organisational Member