Our Impact

We support individuals and organisations locally to better achieve the SDGs globally.

We believe we work better when we work together. We believe Sustainable Development Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) is critical to the success of the rest. We strengthen, support and connect those working towards the SDGs in the South West. A key part of every event we host is to facilitate connections for collaboration and partnerships. We believe working together improves impact, builds resilience, and shares knowledge and resources.

We connect people around key themes, shared challenges and the value of global solidarity.

In 2022, we supported our members to improve their impact through networking, training, mentoring, resourcing, sign-posting, advertising jobs, sharing news and amplifying their work. We did this through:

  • 34 events (online and in-person in the South West)
  • 590 registered participants
  • 14 volunteer-led mentoring hours
  • 5300 online community members

We connect people and ideas for greater impact.

After attending a SWIDN event, people told us:

  • 89% made a positive change to their practice as a result of connections made or knowledge gained
  • 94% made at least one new connection which positively impacted their work
  • 89% felt better connected to the sector in the South West

Being able to connect with other, similar organisations has been of great value. The support and access to training and mentoring are fantastic resources.

SWIDN Member – Small Organisation

We provide training and learning opportunities to improve practice.

In 2022, our members and wider community gave us feedback on our work.

  • 100% of attendees agree our Working Groups provided them with new knowledge and skills
  • 96% said the Working Groups increased their confidence
  • 89% agreed the groups were useful places to connect and network with peers

We have benefitted enormously from the opportunity to work with other NGOs working in the international development sector in the South West, through networking events, working groups, advocacy efforts and training. Without SWIDN, we would miss out on so many opportunities to learn from others, and work together on the biggest issues in development.

Jo Hook, Managing Director, TEMWA

We resource transformative change in our sector.

Challenging inequalities through our work and in our work is a priority for SWIDN. In 2021 and 2022, SWIDN delivered an online, open access conference with funding from UK Aid. Each year, we structured the content around decolonising ‘aid’, highlighting the need for our sector to move towards anti-racism and centring the expertise and lived experience of development professionals from lower and middle income countries where our members work.

  • We averaged 250 registered participants each year
  • 85% of people attending were based in the South West
  • 77% of our events facilitated connections between peers
  • 69% of people attending felt challenged to reflect, innovate and improve how they work
  • 88% of people attending agreed that contributors represented a wide range of experience and backgrounds

As a funder of SWIDN, Bond is impressed by how it leverages the collective efforts of its members. SWIDN’s minimal staff and active trustees have worked hard to build SWIDN into a widely regarded and effective regional network. Without SWIDN, many smaller and micro NGOs working in international development in the South West would be excluded from the types of learning and networking opportunities that SWIDN offers.

Stephanie Draper, CEO at Bond

SWIDN are seeking sponsors to deliver our annual conference in 2023. If you would like to be part of this innovative learning event and connect with our community, please Contact Us.