About Us

About Us

The South West International Development Network (SWIDN) supports and connects NGOs, civil society, think tanks, academics, consultants and private sector organisations to work more efficiently and collaboratively towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

There are a huge number of organisations of all types working on international development in the South West, making the region the largest global development hub outside London. Cross-sector partnerships including between NGOs/civil society and academic, public and private sector organisations, will be vital to the successful delivery of the 17 SDGs by 2030.

SWIDN became a registered charity (England and Wales no. 1173320) with a Board of Trustees and a Network Coordinator in June 2017 thanks to a grant from the Joffe Charitable Trust, after a operating for a number of years on a voluntary basis. Find out more about the history of SWIDN.

With the shared goal and desire to see an end to global poverty, SWIDN plays an active role in supporting charitable and voluntary organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty in any part of the world by providing them with information, training and services to enable them to pursue their charitable purposes and improve the efficiency and management of their resources. We also connect them with academic and private sector organisations in the network, potentially helping to further improve efficiency and effectiveness via the promotion and facilitation of cross-sector partnerships and collaboration.

We provide:

  • High quality, sector-relevant, convenient, affordable training opportunities
  • Networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities
  • Coordination and dissemination of information within the SW international development sector
  • A platform for for any person or organisation to engage with ending global poverty

We currently have five Working Groups focusing on different thematic areas in international development to create a space to discuss and collaborate - find out more here

Become a member of SWIDN to enjoy all these fantastic benefits and more - we offer affordable Individual, Consultant and Organisational membership rates and it is quick and easy to join online.

SWIDN is a registered charity in England & Wales number: 1173320

Please note, SWIDN membership is open to any person or organisation who state they are working on the SDGs. SWIDN is not a regulatory body and it does not monitor, regulate or endorse the actions, outputs or views of its members.