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16 November 2023

SWIDN Conference 2023 Recordings

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At this year’s SWIDN Conference, we explored the role of UK-based organisations – in
shaping a more equitable sector in the future, as allies through queer-safe and anti
racist practice; as donors committed to changing practice to increase equity; as advocates for climate justice both individually and professionally; and as local actors in global

We are delighted to be able to share the conference recordings with you below. Please let us know your experience in this short survey.

Panel 1 – What is the role of UK Organisations in the future of international development? Increasing Equity

As shifts in our sector increasingly highlight the historical and ongoing inequalities in the way international development is practiced, we consider what the role of UK organisations can and should be in shaping a more equitable sector.

Working Group 1 – What is the role of UK organisations as Allies? Exploring queer safe, anti-racist practice

This informal working group heard from UK-based expertise from across the SWIDN network and beyond on how UK organisations can be better allies and improve our practice on the journey towards a more queer-safe, anti racist sector. Please note we had a last-minute change in the availability of our contributors and so the session focused on improving queer-safe and inclusive practice.

There were some useful links shared in the chatbox of this session, including organisations leading on queer safe practice and a glossary of terms to give language to our organisations for encouraging discussion. These are:

SWIDN’s Resource ‘Including LGBTQI+ Groups in the SDGs’

The Commonwealth Equality Network

The Kaleidoscope Trust

The LGBTI Glossary from The Equality Network

Connect 1 – SWIDN Welcomes Minister Andrew Mitchell, Minister of State (FCDO) (Development and Africa)

“It’s fantastic that so many organisations benefit from being part of this vibrant network.” Minister Andrew Mitchell

The Minister of State (FCDO) shares his thoughts on UK Aid policy with SWIDN members and answers your questions. We are grateful to Adrian Lovett, CEO of Development Initiatives, a founding member of SWIDN, for chairing this session on behalf of our members.

Panel 2 – What is the role of UK donors in shifting the global funding landscape for greater equity?

This session explored the role of donors and funders in shifting our sector towards greater equity, hearing about innovative practices that challenge current power imbalances as well as changes to funding models that would resource and enable greater solidarity.

Working Group 2 – What is the role of UK organisations as Advocates? Working for global climate justice

This informal working group heard from a range of expertise across the SWIDN network on progress and barriers to achieving climate justice, with a focus on the role UK organisations can play as advocates for climate justice as a key part of global solidarity, including recommendations for personal and professional practice.

Connect 2 – Celebrating UK Solidarity – Wins Across the South West

We were pleased to finish the SWIDN’s Annual Conference 2023 in celebration, hearing from members in our final session on the impact they have seen towards global solidarity from across the South West. This session also included a focus on individual wellbeing as essential to resource a positive collective impact.

We are so grateful to all our conference contributors for sharing their time and expertise so generously with us, to our wonderful Board of Trustees who hosted our sessions, and to our members and wider community for coming along to learn, share and connect.

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