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27 March 2024

International Women’s Day 2024

‘It’s very refreshing to join an IWD day event about sharing learning, and the work throughout the year (and years), and how we can work together across borders in ways that have actually been impactful. Thank you for sharing!’

IWD 2024 Participant

We celebrated International Women’s Day this year by hearing from three African women. We invited Dr Stella Nyanzi, Dr Atuki Turner and Godess Bvukutwa to share about their work as grassroots women leaders of civil society organisations and movements working to tackle gendered injustice. The session quickly became about the power of storytelling, the power of poetry as resistance, and the role that narratives play in shaping our lived experiences.

We are grateful to all three expert panelists for their generous contributions, to SWIDN trustee Janet Whitelaw-Jones for hosting the session, and to our participants who attended. 

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