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Division Manager (GOV)

About the role

Due to a re-allocation of duties, we are now looking for a candidate to manage the Policy dialogue, Regional ntegration and Governance (GOV) division and its portfolio of work that, at any one time, will include support to public policy; public financial management; democratic reform; human rights; the rule of law, justice and security; institutional strengthening; and international partnerships. This work is conducted globally and includes current projects in the Caribbean, The Gambia, and Sudan. Prospective work ranges from Haiti and Honduras to Cambodia and Vietnam.

The GOV division currently comprises 6 full-time staff, and is supported by freelance consultants hired on a contract-by-contract basis. The division works closely with the four divisions managing other core skill areas, and our three cross-cutting divisions.

Duties and responsibilities

Manage the GOV Division

  • With the support of the Board:
  • Develop and implement the Division’s technical and financial strategy, including its budget and financial forecasting;
  • Recruit, manage and support the professional development of the division team.
  • Ensure that divisional technical and financial targets are met and report to the management team monthly

Project management

  • Oversee the implementation and management of a portfolio of contracts implemented by the division and provide internal quality assurance:
  • Manage projects and liaise with project teams for the successful execution of projects, including ensuring project outputs are produced to a high standard and adhere to brand guidelines;
  • Plan and oversee contract budgets;
  • Oversee management of administrative aspects of projects, including preparing and/or signing off on contractual documents and project reports;
  • Advise the division team on operational and contractual aspects of project management;
  • Visit projects as needed, ensuring that the backstopping team are undertaking their responsibilities effectively.

Business development

  • Identify and pursue new business opportunities:
  • Position the company for future work through client contact, country visits, capitalising on ongoing work and networking with donors, consultants and partners.
  • Brainstorm with the team on potential partners and lead a strategy to win the work
  • Provide leadership divisional staff in the preparation of expressions of interest (EOI) and provide quality control.
  • Provide leadership for the preparation of tenders, and provide quality control, ensuring commercially viable tenders are submitted on time. Act as bid manager, as decided, and proactively engage in tender preparation as necessary, including:
  • Writing a technical methodology;
  • Selecting a project team to undertake the work; and
  • Determining the timescales, costs and resources required to undertake the assignment.
  • Commit the company, as required (e.g. administrative documents for EOIs and tenders), where the Board has delegated authority.

Provision of GOV services

  • Coordinate, conduct and supervise fee paid work on the GOV project portfolio, and on other company projects as agreed with divisional managers by division staff
  • Provide, or organise in-house training on GOV topics as may be required across the company

This description is a brief synopsis of the role and is not restrictive. This description can be updated and/or expanded if considered appropriate.

Applications close on
August 20th, 2023

A competitive salary dependent on experience. (Salary range between £45 – 70,000)

Organisation profile
Landell Mills

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