NGO Funding Sources Update - May

New application deadlines for May – September 2018

Funding Sources Update, May – September 2018

May 2018

Global Challenges Research Fund - Education in Conflict and Protracted Crises

Type of project:  DfID has identified a need for further research on the long-term role of education in conflict de-escalation, peacebuilding and post-conflict development and to inform innovations to improve access to quality education for all those affected by conflict and protracted crises. This call seeks development of research networking proposals which explore the contribution that arts and humanities research can make to education and learning in such contexts.

Location:  Any country or context on the DAC list of ODA recipients affected by conflict or protracted crises. Note: Antigua and Barbuda, Chile and Uruguay are expected to graduate from the next DAC list so should not be included. 

Grant size: £60,000

Closing date: 24 May


The British Academy's Sustainable Development Programme

Type of project: The British Academy has launched the second round of its Sustainable Development Programme, which is supported by the UK Government’s £1.5billion Global Challenges Research Fund. It funds excellent, policy-oriented UK research, aimed at addressing the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and advancing the UK’s Aid Strategy.

Location: Research must be primarily relevant to the problems of developing countries

Eligibility: The main applicant must be based at an eligible UK University or research institute. Co-applicants can be from overseas, and co-applicants from the Global South are encouraged. Only research that has a primary objective which is directly and primarily relevant to the problems of developing countries may be counted.

Grant size: up to £300,000 for up to 27 months

Closing date: 30 May


Ending June 2018

Visegrad Fund

Type of project: Projects must meet one of the seven focus areas: Culture and Common Identity; Education and Capacity Building; Innovation, R&D, Entrepreneurship; Democratic Values and the Media; Public Policy and Institutional Partnership; Regional Development, Environment and Tourism; Social Development
Location: Central and Eastern Europe

Eligibility: NGOs, CSOs, private companies, public institutions and education and research centres globally which develop active cooperation with organisations from at least 3 Visegrad countries.

Grant size: Not stated, however grants can cover up to 100% of project budget with 15% for overheads

Closing date: 1 June


The Toyota Foundation International Grant Programme

Type of project: Cultivating Empathy through learning from our neighbours:
Practitioners' Exchange on Common Issues in Asia

Location: Projects must be conducted in two or more of the target countries: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam.

Eligibility: Diverse team based in multiple target countries. Team members could include practitioners, researchers, creators, policy makers, journalists and other media representatives.

Grant size: Up to $89,000 for 2 year projects. Note this donor does not cover any overhead and administrative expenses.

Closing date: 15 June


Civitates’ Coalition Building Fund

Type of project: Fostering strong national coalition-building among CSOs to address the shrinking space for civil society in Europe

Location: EU or EFTA member states.

Eligibility: A coalition must have at least three partners. The lead must be non-profit or CSO. Funding is to be used to reach out to potential new partners from different sectors and regions within one country who wish to connect, reflect and mobilise in search of a common ground and collective responses to address one or more of the main challenges of this call.  No cross-country coalitions are accepted.
Grant size: Phase 1: €10,000 for coalition building. A maximum of 16 proposals will be selected for a project period of 14 weeks. Grantees will then be invited to submit proposals for Phase 2.

Closing date: 15 June (Phase 1)


Ending July 2018

Global Challenges 'Pump Priming' Research Fund

Type of project: Cancer & Global Health. The purpose of this call is to provide “pump-priming” funds to generate preliminary data and establish, expand and/or consolidate UK-LMIC partnerships.

Location: LMICs

Eligibility: The lead applicant must be based at a UK higher education institution or at an eligible independent research institution. Researchers based in institutions outside the UK are eligible to apply as co-applicants only. At least one LMIC-based scientist must be included as a co-applicant.

Grant size: Awards of up to £200,000 will be made for projects up to a maximum of 24 months

Closing date: 20 June  


Global Challenges Research Fund - Established Researchers fund

Type of project: Cancer & Global Health. Researchers are invited to apply for funding for fully-developed researcher-led projects and programmes that will help us tackle the most important health research questions in cancer in LMICs.
Location: LMICs

Eligibility: This call does not require partnerships with researchers in LMICs. In contrast to the pump-priming call, this call is targeted at researchers with established research plans and data to support larger, longer-term projects, and established partnerships within the UK or with LMICs.

Closing date: 20 June  


Ending the Pandemic Threat: A Grand Challenge for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development

Type of project: Global Health. The goal is to identify novel, transformative concepts that will lead to development of universal influenza vaccines offering protection from influenza for at least three to five years
Location: Worldwide

Grant size: $250,000 up to $2 million for 2 years. Indirect costs are capped at 15% for NGOs.

Closing date: 22 June



Type of project: Seeking projects to fight tuberculosis and its drug-resistant strains
Location: While the focus of Unitaid investments is in low-income countries, proposals that include middle-income countries in scope are eligible.

Eligibility: UK and southern CSOs

Grant size: Unitaid does not specify minimum or maximum grant sizes. Project timeframe is over 3 to 5 years.

Closing date: 29 June


Ending July 2018

Fogarty International Centre

Type of project: Research funding to develop stigma reduction interventions leading to better outcomes for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and on the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS

Location: LMICs which are defined by The World Bank as low-, lower-middle- or upper-middle-income economies.

Eligibility: US or LMIC institutions, higher education institutions and other non-profit organisations. Collaborations between US and LMIC investigators are encouraged.  

Closing date: Letter of Intent due 1 July. Application due 1 August


The Internet Freedom Fund

Type of project: technology-centred efforts that aim to strengthen internet freedom and promote human rights by circumventing repressive censorship and surveillance, improving related digital security capabilities, and contributing to the overall health of the internet.

Location: LMICs

Eligibility: Preference is given to organizations and individuals without a history of prior support, and who have a deep understanding of the surveillance, censorship and security issues affecting communities from the Global South living in repressive environments.

Grant size: Average grant size is between $50,000 - $200,000

Closing date: 1July  


Matrix Causes Fund

Type of project: Access to justice (particularly for people trying to get support to meet their basic personal needs), or promote equality of opportunity, or promote a sustainable environment. Focus groups include prisoners, asylum seekers, people with mental health difficulties, people (particularly children) with disabilities, or women in refuges.

Location: UK

Eligibility: UK registered charities. The Fund may be able to consider applications from organisations that are not registered as a charity in the UK. The organisation must be established for “charitable purposes” and be recognised by HMRC as an exempt charity

Grant size: one-off funds of up to £5,000, or funds of up to £3,000 a year for 3 years

Closing date: 7 July



Type of project: improving health outcomes by strengthening the evidence base for public health interventions in humanitarian crises

Location: humanitarian setting. Non-humanitarian settings are accepted if findings can be applied to humanitarian settings.

Eligibility: The lead applicant may be a research organisation, a non-profit, an NGO, a UN agency, a public or government institution. It must be legally registered in the country in which it is based.

Grant size: Total fund value is £3.5m

Closing date: 17 July


Guernsey Overseas Aid

Type of project: those which will help to provide the basic needs of the world’s least developed countries or to help the indigenous population to provide those needs. Basic needs includes medical and health facilities, educational programmes and facilities, housing, water and sanitation provision and the means of sustaining a living, e.g. through agriculture, horticulture or through training in sustainable employment skills

Location: least developed country as classified by the UN Human Development Index

Eligibility: Charities registered with one of the Charity Commissions in the United Kingdom or one of the Crown Dependencies; Approved humanitarian agencies (e.g. UNICEF, UNHCR, etc.)

Grant size: maximum of £40,000

Closing date: 27 July (Opens 1 June).  


The Woodward Charitable Trust

Type of project: Children and young people who are isolated, at risk of exclusion or involved in anti-social behaviour.  Projects that help the rehabilitation and resettlement of prisoners and/or ex-offenders as well as requests to help prisoners’ families. Disadvantaged women including refuges and victims of domestic violence. Disability projects including rehabilitation and training for people who are either physically disabled or learning disabled. Arts outreach work by local groups involving disadvantaged people. Projects that promote integration and community cohesion amongst minority groups, including refugees and travellers.

Location: UK

Eligibility: UK registered charitable organisations whose annual income is below £300,000

Grant size: The majority of grants are under £5,000

Closing date: 31 July

Apply: http://woodwardcharitabletrust...

Ending August 2018

The Toyota Foundation Research Grants

Type of project: Exploring New Values for Society. The objective of the program is to encourage ambitious projects that seek new values for society by fundamentally exploring basic ways of thinking and methodologies on what approach we should take to address difficult issues to be faced in the future.

Location: worldwide

Eligibility:  There is no limitation regarding the nationality or place of residence of the project representative or participants, or their affiliation (or lack thereof) with a university, research institute, NPO/NGO, or other organisation. Project teams of three persons or more under the age of 45 are eligible for the grant.

Grant size: up to 8 million yen for projects lasting up to 2 years beginning April 2019

Closing date: 3 August (opens 4 June).


People's Postcode Lottery Community Grants

Type of project: Employability and skills development, human rights, combatting discrimination and/or poverty prevention.

Location: Scotland, England or Wales

Eligibility: Registered charity; SCIO; Constituted voluntary or community group; Social enterprise; Community interest company (CIC); Not-for-profit organisation; Local club or other constituted community group

Grant size: Up to £20,000

Closing date: 15 August (opens August 1).



Type of project: Child health. Proposals must clearly demonstrate the use of innovative and sustainable approaches to accelerating access to better tools for integrated management of childhood fever.

Location: While the primary focus is in low-income countries, proposals that include middle-income countries are also eligible.

Eligibility: A public or private entity, institution, organization; or a consortium: a group of public and/or private entities, institutions, organizations with one entity / institution or organisation acting as the Lead Organization.

Grant size: Unitaid does not specify minimum or maximum grant sizes. They fund projects that are targeted and scoped at the minimum size required to achieve the desired market impact and public health effects.

Closing date: 17 August. (It is recommended that an 'Intention to submit a proposal' form is submitted by June 1st. These are not mandatory; however they allow the Secretariat to provide initial feedback on the fit of the suggested proposal within the intent of the call.


UN Women: The Global Award for Women's Empowerment

Type of project: The award recognises individuals, organisations, companies and member States who are doing exceptional work for women’s empowerment in their communities.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: UN Women encourages civil society, public and private institutions and individual women's empowerment champions working to make lasting change in their community, enterprise, country or region to apply. Youth are encouraged to apply.

Grant size: Each award is valued at $100,000

Closing date: 30 August

Apply: http://www.womenglobalaward.or...

Ending September

Nuffield Foundation

Type of project: Research development and analysis projects which advance educational opportunity, welfare and justice in the UK.

Location: UK

Eligibility: Universities based in the UK for projects focused on the UK context. Collaborative projects involving overseas partners are also accepted.

Grant size: £10,000 up to £500,000. Most grants range from £50,000 -£300,000.

Closing date: 24 September (full applications due January 2019).


Feminist Review Trust

Type of project: Lesbian and transgender rights; Violence against women and girls; Disabled women and girls; Refugee women and girls

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: UK and International CSOs supporting women may apply

Grant size: Maximum £15,000, although trustees are more likely to provide partial funding. It is therefore helpful if you can identify different sub-elements in your application.

Closing date: 30 September



UBS Optimus Foundation

Type of project: Child health, education, child protection and/or early child development

Location: Priority countries are Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Sierra Leone,
Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, South Africa, Bangladesh, China (including Hong Kong), India,
Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom

Eligibility: Any organisation or institution is welcome to apply, including those involved in education, public health, nutrition and the reduction of violence against children. Applications involving partnerships between organisations of different disciplines, and between NGOs and universities or other research institutions are strongly encouraged.


Jana Robeyst Small Conservation Grants

Type of project: the study and protection of endangered species with a specific focus on elephants

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa

Eligibility: early career scientists, conservationists and non-profit organisations based anywhere in the world.

Grant size: €1,500


Global Fund for Children

Type of project: innovative, locally led projects where all children and young people enjoy equal resources and opportunities in society and can live to their full potential.

Location: worldwide

Eligibility: legally registered as a local organisation in the country where you operate with youth or child-focused programmes. Most of our new partners have budgets under $100,000

Closing date: All potential grassroots partners are required to submit a preliminary organizational profile, which may be submitted at any time during the year