New Funding Sources Update - July-Dec 2019

New funding application deadlines for July to December 2019

New Funding Opportunities, July 2019 – December 2019 

Ending July 2019 

UN Women’s Spotlight Initiative

Type of project: The Spotlight Initiative aim to expand the global knowledge base on ‘what works’ to end violence against women and girls, focusing on Outcome 6: Women's rights groups, autonomous social movements and civil society organizations, including those representing youth and groups facing intersecting forms of discrimination/marginalization can more effectively influence and advance progress on gender equality and women’s empowerment to end violence against women and girls. Examples of projects might include women’s rights groups sharing knowledge and networking to advocate for the elimination of sexual and gender-based violence; Strengthening capacities of women’s rights groups to design, implement and monitor their own programmes; Fostering girls’ leadership and activism as champions of change for promoting equality and ending sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices.

Location: Single country proposals in Latin America (Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico); Single country proposals in Sub-Saharan Africa (Cameroon, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Mali, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe). Multi-country proposals from all other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Eligibility: Civil society organizations particularly small, local and grassroots women-led women’s right organizations are encouraged to apply. 

Grant size: up to USD 1 million 

Closing date: 31 July 


UEFA Foundation for Children

Type of project: Projects which seek to achieve the foundation’s objectives to help children by providing support in the following areas: access to sport (football in particular), health, education, employment, personal development and supporting vulnerable children.

Eligibility: Applications are invited from organisations anywhere in the world.

Grant size: The 2018/9 budget was €3m which funded 45 projects.

Closing date: 31 July (changed from 1 August)  



Ending August 2019

The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges 

Type of project: Innovative communication projects which aim to influence public opinion and increase political support for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and man-made climate change

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Registered CSOs

Closing date:   9 August 


Bridge Builder 

Type of project: Bridge Builder invests in building and repairing unique bridges between people, organizations, issues, and beliefs to promote meaningful engagement and sustainable, community-led change. It seeks ideas that address the urgent and emergent needs of a global population directly impacted by a lack of peace, prosperity, and sound environmental conditions—people on the move. 

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Ideas are invited from individuals and teams currently or previously experiencing displacement and registered non-profit, civil society, community-based, and for-profit organizations working.

Grant size: up to US$200,000 and within 36-months

Closing date: 17 August  


U.S. Embassy’s Strategic Communications for Community Resilience in Mozambique

Type of project: This program aims to strengthen Mozambican capacity to prevent and counter violent extremism and conflict by leveraging analysis-driven strategic communications interventions. The Embassy seeks applicants to conduct an audience analysis  and work with local influencers to design targeted strategic communications  interventions with two key objectives: 1) Increase stakeholder (including local influencers, international donor community, private sector, partner country, etc.) understanding of the strategic communications environment in northern Mozambique; 2) Enable local stakeholders to design and implement resonant strategic messaging activities that reinforce local resiliency and prevent the expansion of violent extremism and conflict.

Location: Northern Mozambique 

Eligibility: U.S. or foreign-based non-profit or NGOs or education institutions with a 501(c) (3) status; commercial entities; for profit organizations; overseas NGOs may all apply.

Grant size: Total budget is $500,000. It is estimated 1 grant will be awarded. 

Closing date: 19 August  


USAID's West Africa Rapid Response Fund
for Acute Humanitarian Needs Resulting from New Internal Displacement

Type of project: The objectives of the Fund are to: 1) Maintain a 3-year Rapid Response Fund where international and local organizations will be supported to provide short-term, effective, and rapid interventions through sub-awards to meet acute emergency humanitarian needs related to the impacts of new internal displacement; 2) build and strengthen the humanitarian response capacity of national NGOs across the region to respond effectively and efficiently to emergency needs of target IDP populations, depending on the country's need. The awardee is expected to address all these sectors in its proposal: Shelter and Settlements; Logistics Support; Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH); Nutrition

Location: Activities must take place in all the following countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger.

Eligibility: US and non-US not-for-profit and commercial organisations may apply.

Grant size: The award ceiling is $5m. One award is anticipated.

Closing date: 27 August  


Ending September 2019 

The Open Technology Fund's Internet Freedom Fund 

Type of project: projects and people working on open and accessible technology-centric projects that promote human rights, internet freedom, open societies, and help advance inclusive and safe access to global communications networks for at-risk users including journalists, human rights defenders, civil society activists, and every-day people living within repressive environments who wish to speak freely online.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Non-profit or Non-government organizations, including U.S.-based NGOs, or foreign NGOs; Non-profit universities or research institutions; for-profit organizations or businesses may all apply. 

Grant size: Most supported efforts receiving between $50,000 and $200,000. Please note this is a performance-based contract with payment issued on completion of stated objectives, activities, and deliverables.

Closing date: 1 September


Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards

Type of project: These awards aim to showcase real solutions for a more just, equal and healthy planet. Awards are made over three categories: 1) Technical climate solutions with a women or gender perspective (e.g. in area of renewables, energy or adaptation technologies etc.); 2 Non-technical climate solutions with a women or gender perspective (e.g. in area of efficiency, consumption changes, resilience and capacity building etc.); 3 Transformational climate initiatives with a women or gender perspective (e.g. addressing governance, institutional / societal change etc.)

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: All types of activist, grassroots and women-led organizations and groups working on issues related to climate change can apply for the award. 

Grant size: 2,000 Euros per winner per category

Closing date: 9 September


The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges 

Type of project: Innovative communication projects which aim to influence public opinion and increase political support for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and man-made climate change

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Registered CSOs

Closing date:   13 September  



International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas 

Type of project: Projects to protect heritage that is endangered, under threat or which has suffered from negligence brought about by conflict. To be considered for selection, projects need to showcase their solution’s relevance, effectiveness and sustainability, their scientific quality and their contribution to local development.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: International, Intergovernmental and National Institutions; Foundations, NGOs, Non-profits, Charities and Associations may apply.

Grant size: No minimum or maximum amounts. Co-funding is permitted. Budgets must be in US$

Closing date: 20 September


Gilead Asia Pacific Rainbow Grant Program

Type of project: There are three types of projects the Fund is keen to support: 1) The Access and Quality of Life grants will support initiatives that promote patient-centricity, enhance access to care/information, and the quality of life of people living with HIV; 2) The Multidisciplinary Care grants focus on initiatives aimed at enhancing capacity building for multidisciplinary professions and long-term care; 3) The Diversity and Inclusion grant tackles discriminatory policies, labour laws and regulations, unjust workplace and HR practices, and social stigma against people living with HIV.

Location: Grantees must be in at least one of the following territories: Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Eligibility: Certification of non-profit tax status through an official or government-issued document is required for all applicants. Applicants must be established for at least two years upon the time of the grant application.

Grant size: There are no minimum or maximum limits.

Closing date: 30 September


Ending October 2019 

Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize 

Type of project: the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize is the world’s largest annual humanitarian award presented to non-profit organizations judged to have made extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Legally established, nongovernmental, publicly supported charitable organizations with tax exempt status may apply. the organisations must have been established for a minimum of 5 years and expenditures greater than U.S. $750,000 in their most recent audited fiscal year of operation.

Grant size: US$2m 

Closing date: 1 October


Visegrad Fund

Type of project: The Fund supports a diverse range of activities in all areas of life. From small cross-border projects that strive to improve mutual understanding to multilateral initiatives with potential to benefit people across the whole region. All projects must meet one of the seven focus areas: Culture and Common Identity; Education and Capacity Building; Innovation, R&D, Entrepreneurship; Democratic Values and the Media; Public Policy and Institutional Partnership; Regional Development, Environment and Tourism; Social Development. Location: Central and Eastern Europe

Eligibility: Any legal entity is eligible for funding if applying on behalf of a justifiable consortium of project partners. Preference is generally given to groups of non-governmental, civil society organizations (CSOs), public educational, cultural, research and scientific institutions, municipalities and local governments.

Grant size: Not stated, however grants can cover up to 100% of project budget with 15% for overheads

Closing date: 1 October


Planet Romeo Foundation 

Type of project: achieving societal change to improve the position of LGBTI people throughout the world, with an emphasis on the most disadvantaged regions and communities. We also focus on mobilizing and activating the LGBTI community in those challenging contexts. The Foundation gives high priority to small-scale projects which are initiated and implemented by the LGBTI community itself and/or by emerging LGBTI groups and initiatives. The projects must aim to involve, empower and mobilize the community. Projects may target sub-communities, e.g. lesbian and/or gay and/or bisexual and/or trans and/or intersex communities.

Location: Although all geographical regions are eligible, the Foundation gives priority to countries outside the Global North. Within a country, all geographical areas are eligible, but where we can, we give priority to rural and/or more remote areas.

Grant size: up to € 5,000

Closing date: 1 October


Ending November 2019 

UK Aid Match 

Type of project: UK Aid Match brings charities, the British public and the UK government together to collectively change the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. It is designed to provide opportunities for the UK public to engage with international development issues and to allow you to have a say in how UK aid is spent, whilst boosting the impact of the very best civil society projects to reach the poorest people in developing countries. We’re looking for projects that will help to achieve the SDGs by reaching the most vulnerable populations – with a special focus on projects that support women and girls. Projects will also need to support the department’s wider objectives: Strengthen global peace, security and governance; Strengthen resilience and response to crisis; Promote global prosperity; Tackle extreme poverty.

Location: Countries in the lowest 50 on the UN HDI list or on the DFID high or moderate fragility list.

Eligibility: UK registered charities may apply.

Grant size: For every £1 donated to a UK Aid Match charity appeal by an individual living in the UK, the UK government will also contribute £1 of UK aid, up to £2 million.

Closing date: 12 November. Opens August 20th. Full application guidance will be available from 31 July.


The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges 

Type of project: Innovative communication projects which aim to influence public opinion and increase political support for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and man-made climate change

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Registered CSOs

Closing date:  15 November


The Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity

Type of project: Focus areas for the overseas grants are: Education for groups or communities who have limited access, through distance, poverty, discrimination, or exclusion; Basic skills and tools to build local assets such as village schools, clinics, wells and sanitation; Basic training in health care, disease prevention, and low-tech and low-cost proven solutions to endemic problems; Sanitation, irrigation, hygiene and access to clean water; Women’s education, economic power, reproductive rights and safer childbirth and microfinance projects aimed at women; Help for marginalised communities - for instance the Dalits in India, and pastoralists in east Africa.

Location: London, and the developing world.

Eligibility: Registered charities with annual incomes of up to £5m

Grant size: £3,000 - £20,000

Closing date: 30 November


Ending December 2019 

The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust 

Type of project: Categories for grant giving: Quaker work and witness; Peace-building and conflict resolution; Interfaith and ecumenical understanding; Community development work in the UK and overseas; Work with forced migrants, including internally displaced people; Sustainable development. 

Location: UK and overseas

Eligibility: UK registered charities, NGOs, public bodies and social enterprises. In normal circumstances with a turnover of less than approximately £350,000. Those who can demonstrate other sources of funding for their project. Innovative charities/projects not normally able to attract other funding

Grant size: Small grants of up to £3000. Interest free loans of up to £5000 repayable over 5 years. In exceptional circumstances larger grants may be given. 

Closing date: 31 December