Funding Sources Update - Jan-April 2019

New funding application deadlines for Jan to April 2019

New Funding Sources, January-April 2019

Ending January 2019

WWF Small Grants Programme

Type of project: Major themes for the Small Grants Program are: Biodiversity Conservation, Climate change adaptation, Market based livelihood opportunities, Gender equality and social inclusion, Governance, Communications and Outreach, and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Location: Nepal

Eligibility: NGOs, academic and research institutions, community-based organizations, private sector organizations, consulting firms, individuals, and media houses. International organizations can partner with Nepalese organizations in the applications, but proposals must be submitted by Nepalese organizations as the lead partner.

Grant size: $10,000 - $50,000 for a single project.

Closing date: 1 January


The German Embassy Lusaka

Type of project: Projects which contributes to poverty alleviation and improvement of living standards and basic needs of the poorest social classes, especially in rural areas. Examples of projects include bore holes, garden projects, shelters for vulnerable children, construction/renovation of school classrooms, income-generating articles (sewing machines, tools/machines for a joinery or a locksmith's trade) etc.

Location: Zambia

Eligibility: The project must be independent and not related to any other current project related to German-Zambian Bilateral Cooperation. Applicants are mainly community groups/organisations. Semi-financing of projects, e.g. by several donors, is not permitted.

Grant size: EUR 8.500,00 (currently around ZMK 60,000,000) per project. Deadline: 15 January


Ending February 2019

Global Giving Accelerator Programme

Type of project: The platform is accepting applications for the March 2019 Global Giving Accelerator. Graduates of the Accelerator will become full Global Giving partners with benefits such as professional and personalised fundraising pages; extra funding in matching offers and bonus prizes and access to corporate partnerships.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Please see here for the paperwork you must submit with your application:

Deadline: 1 February



Joint Global Health Trials scheme

Type of project: DFID, the UK Medical Research Council, the National Institute for Health Research and Wellcome announce a call for proposals to fund research addressing any major health related problem affecting vulnerable populations in low and middle-income countries. Research into chronic non-communicable diseases, including mental health, and reproductive, maternal and new born health are particularly welcomed.

Location: Low- and Middle-Income countries.

Eligibility: Applications are encouraged with principal investigators from these countries. Applications must engage with the potential users of research for future implementation and impact for policy. Stakeholders, such as policy makers, should be engaged throughout the research process to ensure trial results are implementable, scalable and in line with policy needs.

Grant size: £20m total fund

Closing date: 5 February



Grand Challenges Options for Pregnancy Termination (OPTions) Fund

Type of project: Innovations that improve women’s and girls’ access to safe abortion in low- and middle-income countries where there are one or more legal grounds to support it. The focus of this call is to support the development and testing of: 1) new approaches to increasing early access to existing abortion products and services, and 2) new methods of pregnancy termination.

Location: Low- and Middle-Income countries

Eligibility: Eligible institutions include social enterprises, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and for-profit companies that are formed and legally incorporated and that are capable of receiving and administering grant funding. Sole proprietorships are not eligible for funding. United Nations country offices are not eligible to apply.

Grant size: Seed grants of up to CAD $250,000 for 18 to 24 months

Closing date: 12 February at 3:00 pm (ET) North America Eastern Time Zone.



The Embassy of the Netherlands’ Human Rights Fund

Type of project: The Human Rights fund aims to help to promote good governance and protect human rights. It will prioritise projects that introduce innovative approaches and involve youth. To be eligible activities must relate to one or more of the following themes: freedom from torture and inhumane treatment; LGBT rights; women's participation in politics and public decision-making processes and institutions.

Location: Lebanon

Eligibility: Only national non-governmental and non-profit organisations can apply. Consortiums are allowed. Charitable and commercial activities are not eligible. Research studies, academic courses, workshops/training abroad and equipment are not funded.

Grant size: €150,000. For budgets above €250,000, the applying organisation should be competent and capable of reporting using the IATI system.

Deadline: 15 February



The Embassy of the Netherlands’ Democracy Fund

Type of Project: Activities must relate to one or more of the following themes: accountability and transparency (i.e. monitoring reforms; fighting corruption) or enhancing citizenship.  Preference is given to activities involving youth of different sectarian backgrounds.

Location: Lebanon

Eligibility: National and international non-governmental and non-profit organisations with offices in Lebanon can apply. Consortiums are allowed. Charitable and commercial activities are not eligible.

Grant size: Minimum indicative budget of €600.000 for a 2-year project and €800.000 for a 3-year project. Co-funded programmes are welcome.

Deadline: 15 February



Ending March 2019

Green Hall Foundation

Type of project: Those which sustainably improve lives among the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged, particularly in the UK. Overseas projects are also supported provided that the applicant charity is registered in the UK. Preference is given to appeals where the Foundation can meet a significant proportion of the funding required and where permanent equipment or building is required, as opposed to funding salaries or the charity running costs.

Location: UK & overseas

Eligibility: UK registered charities

Grant size: £1,000 to £10,000

Deadline: Calls for proposals opens 1 March at 9am UK time and closes when 100 applications have been received.

Ending April 2019

The Jana Robeyst Trust Fund

Type of project: Wildlife conservation. The Fund provides financial resources to early career scientists or conservationists and non-profit organisations to carry out vital field conservation and research work in Africa. Priority will be given to projects related to the conservation of forest elephants. Education projects will also be considered as will travel to conferences or equipment purchase.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Individuals or organizations based anywhere in the world.

Grant size: Up to €1,500

Deadline: 30 April



Ending May 2019

AB Charitable Trust

Type of project: Hard to fund projects which champion human dignity and promote respect for vulnerable individuals. The Trust's focus areas are: migrants, refugees and asylum seekers; criminal justice and penal reform; human rights and access to justice.

Location: UK. The Trust does not normally fund charities with large national or international links.

Eligibility: Grants are normally awarded only to charities registered and working in the UK with annual income between £150,000 and £1.5m. Please note, the date of your application should be dictated by the reporting date of your certified accounts, which must be no more than 12 months prior to the application deadline. If your accounts are outside these parameters, your application will be ineligible.

Grant size: £10,000 to £20,000. This funder is happy to support core costs.

Deadline: 10 May


Ernst Kleinwort Medium Grants Programme

Type of project: The Trust has 3 focus areas: 1) Charitable work in the County of Sussex; 2) Wildlife & Environmental Conservation (UK and International) and 3) Reproductive Health and Family Planning (International). Grants will be considered for start-up costs, core costs or for a specific project for which applicants have requested support. This could include a contribution towards a building/refurbishment project, purchase of specialist equipment or other similar capital expenditure, or assistance with running costs.

Location: UK and overseas

Eligibility: UK registered charities

Grant size: Medium Grants are for £5,001 – £10,000

Deadline: 19 May (opens 18 April)



Chrysalis Trust

Type of project: Current focus: Relief of poverty and disability; Provision of access to shelter, education, healthcare and water.

Location: UK & overseas

Eligibility: The Trust supports local projects in the North East of England, national organisations providing benefit across the UK, as well as, international charities registered in the UK.

Grant size: £1,000 - £10,000

Deadline: 15 May



BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Type of project: Activities that fall within the following categories will be considered eligible for an appeal: Medical research; Hospitals/hospices; Other medical/health/sickness; Disability; Housing/homelessness; Social welfare and services; Humanitarian aid/famine, disaster relief; Human rights; Education/training; Arts/culture; Amateur sports/recreation; Environment/wildlife conservation/ heritage.

Location: UK and overseas

Eligibility: A charity can only have an appeal broadcast on the BBC once every three years. UK registered charities whose work has an impact at UK or international level are eligible. Priority will be given to UK charities that deliver activities for beneficiaries located in more than one of the nations of the UK. Priority will be given to international charities that deliver activities for beneficiaries located across several regions within a country or across countries.

Grant size: On average charities raise between £5,000 and £20,000

Deadline: 20 May



Ongoing Opportunities

The Cumber Family Charitable Trust

Type of project: Agricultural, conservation and rural development work both locally and in developing countries. The Trust also has a preference for projects focusing on welfare, education, medical or disadvantaged children's needs, or those that are agriculturally, or conservation focussed. Preference also goes to longer term projects that do not necessarily appeal to the general public.

Location: UK and overseas

Eligibility: To qualify for our support, your project must be either: working outside the UK; a UK national charity or a charity active in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

Grant size: Up to £2,000


The Bryan Adams Foundation

Type of project: The foundation seeks to fund projects that improve the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people. It supports a broad range of causes around the world with a focus on children in need and education. Project supported include: education; older people; animals; conservation; disaster relief; museums and galleries; recreation facilities; health; medical research.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Registered charities may apply.

Grant size: £500 to £10,000


The Coles Medlock Foundation

Type of project: The Foundation support international development projects, especially those working in sustainable agriculture, education, infrastructure development, financial independence and healthcare.

Location: Worldwide. Recent projects have taken place in Indonesia, Zambia, India, Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi, Romania, Ghana, Nepal, Mozambique and Sierra Leone.

Eligibility: not stated

Grant size: On average £5,000 - £10,000


The Edward Smart Charitable Trust

Type of project: Those which support the education of disadvantaged young women.

Location: UK and India

Eligibility: Funding applications cannot be for individuals; research or feasibility studies; general charitable appeals; core funding for national charities; UK based schools

Grant size: One-off grants for up to £5,000. No repeat funding can be requested within 3 years.


The Genesis Charitable Trust

Type of project: The Trust prioritises income-generating projects in developing countries. It actively seeks to support entrepreneurial initiatives; targeted improvement of economic opportunities; improvements to the efficiency of markets and the ease of doing business. Short pilots, one-off awards and projects lasting around three years are considered equally.

Location: Developing countries. See here for a list of the countries supported.  

Eligibility: Non-profit organisations registered in their operating country may apply.  Non-profit organisations associated with an organisation recorded on an official register of charities in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or Singapore may also apply.

Grant size: it is exceptional for grant payments to exceed £400,000 in any single year of a project.