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Mowgli Mentoring is a not-for-profit organisation driving inclusive economic and social change in the Middle East and Africa. Our unique, award-winning methodology provides a supportive framework which empowers entrepreneurs, corporate employees, women and youth to unlock their potential and seize new opportunities.  

Over the past decade Mowgli has worked with philanthropists, and local and international governmental and private sector partners to provide mentoring across 14 countries in the Middle East, North Africa as well as the UK.  We have trained more than a thousand mentors who have supported entrepreneurs from all sectors. They create and safeguard jobs, producing a significant economic and social return on investment. We are now also expanding our operations across Africa, and in addition to remaining focused on entrepreneurs and corporate employees, we will have an increased focus on women and youth as key additional beneficiaries of our programs.

Mowgli Mentoring’s methodology supports long-term professional and personal development. Our volunteer mentors are trained to listen, guide and inspire. Mentors themselves testify as to how the mentoring process also helps their own development. We systematically match mentors with mentees, and provide structured support as they co-develop long-term, trust-based relationships. Our approach is a practical and sustainable way of developing human capital to the benefit of the whole community.

Mentoring is a vital and cost effective means of supporting sustainable development.  Mentoring is an essential component of human capital development.  It provides a supportive framework within which entrepreneurs, corporate employees women and youth can set and achieve their goals. 

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  • United Kingdom
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£250k - £1m

Global Goals
  • No Poverty
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth
  • Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Broad Quay House
  • Prince Street
  • Bristol
  • Gloucestershire
  • BSI 4DJ
  • United Kingdom

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