SWIDN Global Development Consultants Group meeting: 'Celebrating failure' + recommended on/offline resources

Event Description

SWIDN Global Development Consultants Group meeting - Jan: 'Celebrating failure' + recommended on/offline resources

This group is open to anyone who works as a consultant in international development. Our events are generally relaxed and sociable and are an opportunity for peer support, networking and collaboration. 

Rachel Haynes (http://flamingoforngos.org) and Kathleen Christie (http://www.kathchristie.co.uk) are the co-facilitators of this group. Rachel and Kathleen are both experienced consultants who have been actively involved in the Consultants Group and in the wider SWIDN network over the years. Rachel is also a member of the SWIDN Board of Trustees. Please do come along to meet them, to find out what the group is up to and to share your ideas about what you would like to see the group doing and what you would like from group meetings in the future. In addition, please share your thoughts by completing the short SWIDN Consultants' Group survey to help us plan future events for the group.

'Celebrating failure' + your favourite off/online resource

The theme for our January meeting will be 'celebrating failure' - please come ready to briefly introduce something really challenging you’ve worked on and what your key learnings from the experience were.

In addition to this will be the regular request to bring a recommendation of an interesting resource (on or off line) to share with the group. This could be related to the theme (or not), and could be anything: an article; journal; podcast; report; piece of research, etc that you have found particularly useful in your work as a consultant.

Please note the slight time change (5.30-7.30pm) and new venue for this meeting - we have listened to feedback about our usual venue and are trialling a new location which has a lovely, quiet, private room, which we hope will meet our needs!

Co-hosting meetings

As a way of sharing and developing skills focused on specific fields of consulting we’d like to extend an invitation to you to ‘co-host’ a future meeting. You might choose to focus on a specific area such as methodologies and approaches (to strategic planning, capacity building, consultation, contractual arrangements, or another area) or a specialist skill area like fundraising or influencing. Please feel free to make suggestions. 

Hosting would involve providing a brief introduction to the focus at the start of the meeting and then facilitating a discussion orientated towards answering key questions and/or sharing experiences in relation to the focus. Please let us know well in advance so that we can ensure the focus of the meeting is publicised in good time for other people working in that area to schedule time to attend.   

To discuss being a meeting ‘host’ please email: info@swidn.org.uk

We hope to see you at a meeting soon!

Please note that this group is for people working as consultants only; whether freelance or as part of a consulting firm or NGO. 

To attend, please RSVP here