Fundraising Beyond the UK

Event Description

We're delighted to have Mike Muchilwa and Martha Muiruri from Fundraising Training leading this session alongside Bill Bruty. Mike and Martha will highlight some of the global inequalities in funding for development and how small INGOs can support their partners better to access grants outside of the UK.

Many of us in the international development sector are battling with our roles as UK-based INGOs and how these can reinforce or challenge coloniality and inequality in the practice of global solidarity. This course offers an assessment of fundraising through this lens, our role and positionality as UK-based INGOs, as well as a practical pathway to disrupting existing inequalities in how we and our organisations and partnerships fundraise.

If you are interested in diversifying your funding outside of the UK as well as improving your knowledge around opportunities and best practice, come along to hear how and why you can do this.

We strongly urge you to attend with your implementing partner. Please share this event with your colleagues in the countries in which you work.

You can book your place on this course here!